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Helpful, friendly, focused - they know what they're doing. - Robert Jackson


Always get the service I require with speed and efficiency. - John Doublard


Because my car comes back to me serviced, clean and feels and looks like a new car and the staff are always nice both on the front desk, showroom and the workshop. - Suzanne Bidel


The services offered by Derek Warwick Honda are second to none. - Richmond Robinson


I have never had a complaint about the services offered and the friendliness and respect of the staff. I would never go anywhere else. - Joy Bell


Very good service from staff, who are friendly and welcoming. We took a long time to come to a decision and were unsure at times and they were very patient. Overall package in terms of purchase and ongoing care etc appears very good and not available elsewhere locally. - Alice Perchard


Collection and delivery at the times we requested. Service and car cleaning excellent, minor 'foliage' scratches removed without asking, a very pleasant surprise. Did not visit dealer this time, so not sure of facilities now available. - Trevor Copp




The hybrid car has two motors, one of which is a conventional petrol or diesel engine and the other electric. The hybrid car battery is powered by the engine and kinetic energy which is recycled when the car is in motion, particularly when applying the brakes and coming to a stop. The battery of a hybrid car is therefore self-charging and is able to supply the electric motor with power when pulling away from a stop.     

How far can I drive with a hybrid car?

Due to the fact that the hybrid car has a conventional motor as well as an electric one, you can expect a similar range, or more, to that of a standard petrol or diesel car.

With a full tank, the petrol CR-V will travel for around 400 miles, whilst the hybrid CR-V has a range of almost 700 miles.

However, a plug-in hybrid has the ability to travel a distance on electricity only. Most plug-in hybrid cars currency on the market offer an all-electric range of 20 to 40 miles.


Added: 18 March 2019

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